Our Story

As mentioned in its name, "Metropolitan Defense and Security Solutions" is your international partner when it comes to Security and Defense Solution. Metropolitan Defense and Security Solutions s.a.l. (MDS) is the official representative for the well-known worldwide firearm platforms, defense systems, and precision mechanical engineering from: B&T and RUAG (Switzerland), Ceska Zbrojovkaa.s. “CZ” (Czech Republic), Fiocchi and Benelli Defense (Italy), S&T Motive (Korea).

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MDS is one of the leading defense distributors.

Our field of expertise also includes the IT and Cyber Security Sector. MDS provides Intelligent Systems training and support: Digital Forensics, Open-Source Intelligence, Social Network Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, Lawful Interception and Criminal Investigation, and Electronic Surveillance.

We equip and build shooting ranges, we provide all kind of military accessories: tactical communication, ballistic vests and body armors, suppressors, gas mask, ballistic goggle, optics and sights, optronic and night vision.

Our products range is not limited to firearm platforms and ammunition, we offer sophisticated solutions: aviation, logistics, training, maintenance and security. MDS also provide full defense solutions for military bases (Airports, Naval and Land bases)

MDS works diligently in the defense market providing the highest level of professionalism serving our high ranked clients in governmental agencies and organizations (civil and military), private security companies and protection for individuals.

MDS is holding the Lebanese presidential decree, and we are dealing with the Lebanese Army Forces (LAF), Internal Security Forces (ISF), General Security (GS), State Security, and Customs.

"Our clients are the backbone of our success and our goal is to always exceed their expectations. Customer confidentiality is our main concern. We protect your identity through every step of the process.

Security professionals throughout the world have relied on our weapons to protect and safe their VIPs."